Seagate - BlackArmor NAS 440 Network Storage Server - 12TB

Seagate - BlackArmor NAS 440 Network Storage Server - 12TB ID#910
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Seagate - BlackArmor NAS 440 Network Storage Server - 12TB

Ready to work.

The BlackArmor® NAS 440 network storage server is a small business network attached storage solution designed to provide optimum uptime and data integrity for up to 50 workstations.

  • Create full-system backups of PCs and use Time Machine software to back up Mac computers
  • Comes with four hot-swappable hard drives configurable in RAID 0,1,5,10 or JBOD
  • Supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and MacOS X10.4.11 or later
  • Available government-grade hardware encryption technology

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Global remote access

Globally connected.

The free Seagate Global Access app keeps you connected to all the files you store on BlackArmor NAS devices. From anywhere in the world, access your documents, view photos, listen to music, and play videos.

  • Use the free app for iPhone®, iPad®, Windows® Phone 7, and Android® devices
  • Password protect and securely share files with colleagues and clients
  • Upload documents or photos that you created using your mobile device
  • Share files on-the-go by sending links to files and folders via SMS, email, or Facebook®
  • Click to download the latest firmware update

BlackArmor NAS 440 Overview 1

Flexibly fits your business.

The BlackArmor NAS 440 network storage server combines plug-and-play setup with easy to use software that helps you choose the backup, performance and security options that are right for your business. And Seagate has you covered with available support including data recovery and priority tech support.

More BlackArmor NAS 440 network storage server features BlackArmor NAS 440 Overview 2

Powerfully versatile.

The BlackArmor NAS 440 delivers powerful flexibility for your business.

  • VMware Ready™ certified storage soution for VMware virtual environments
  • iSCSI Support adds high capacity storage to servers that support iSCSI
  • Microsoft Active Directory 2003/2008 support includes real-time importing of a domain's user and group organizations

More BlackArmor NAS 440 features


BlackArmor NAS 440 Feature 1

Hardware for hard work.

The BlackArmor® NAS 440 network storage server comes with four efficient, reliable Seagate® Barracuda® drives preinstalled and configured for RAID 5.Our unique cradle system lets you swap out the drives without the need for tools or shutting down the server.

BlackArmor NAS 440 features include:

  • Drive configurability in RAID 0,1,5,10 or JBOD in up to four logical volumes for the optimal mix of performance, redundancy and storage capacity
  • Two Ethernet ports for local network connection, port failover and NAS to NAS backup
  • Four USB 2.0 ports for external drives,printers and UPS (uninterrupted power supply)

BlackArmor NAS 440 Feature 2

Business-grade protection.

The easy-to-use BlackArmor NAS 440 network storage server delivers layered protection for your business-critical data.

Rest easy with BlackArmor NAS 440 network storage server features like these:

  • Incremental and full-system automatic backup of network-connected PCs and Macs running TimeMachine software
  • Bare-metal restore to recover your entire system, including the operating system, programs and settings in the event of PC hardware failure
  • The ability to choose the level of security that’s right for your business, from single to entire volume encryption
  • Seagate Volume Recovery allows you to recover volumes if drives are accidentally removed

Additionally, BlackArmor NAS server software delivers easy configuration of the drives for the optimal mix of performance, redundancy and storage capacity. Choose from RAID 0/1/5/10 & JBOD configuration options.

BlackArmor NAS 440 Feature 3

Command from the field.

Get more flexibility when you are in the field with these BlackArmor NAS 440 network storage server features:

  • Remote server management using DDNS, which can be configured with the web-based management interface
  • The BlackArmor NAS 440 network storage server can function as a secure FTP server, allowing remote access to files over SSL/TLS—the same technology used to protect your information when banking online
  • With the Seagate® Global Access™ service, you can securely access files remotely from any popular web browser–no special software required


BlackArmor NAS 440

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Interface Options Ethernet Ethernet Ethernet
Height (in/mm) (maximum) 8.15/207 8.15/207 8.15/207
Width (in/mm) (maximum) 6.3/160 6.3/160 6.3/160
Length (in/mm) (maximum) 10.59/269 10.59/269 10.59/269
Weight (lb/g) 13.6/6160 13.6/6160 10.55/4800
Model NumberCapacity
STAU12000100 12TB
ST380005SHA10G-RK 8TB
ST340005SHA10G-RK 4TB
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